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Tree/Shrub Planting Services


Need help planting your trees? March-October, we'll deliver and plant your trees for you! Simply contact us to set up delivery and planting services when you place an order. We can also source trees & shrubs if we don't have what you're looking for in stock!

Base planting – Cost effective if you already have rich, deep top soil or are planting into existing beds. We’ll clear a small patch of grass (if present), loosen the soil enough to plant the tree, and apply starter fertilizer (Add 50% to order with a $75 minimum)

Standard Planting– This includes removing sod from a 3ft planting circle, loosening the existing soil, amending with our soil conditioner (ideal for heavy clays), and adding starter fertilizer, and dressing with natural wood chips for moisture retention. (Add 75% to order with a $150 minimum)

Premium Planting – This includes everything from the Standard Planting but increasing the planting area to a 6ft diameter, installing a cage around the tree to protect it from deer and "treenemies", and the option for colored mulch of your choosing. (Add 100% to order with a $200 minimum)

Mass Plantings – For larger planting projects of 20 trees/shrubs or more, please call or message to discuss. We have alternative planting methods that are more cost effective and efficient for larger projects. 

Transplanting - If you've got a tree or shrub you'd like to re-locate, contact us to discuss options and pricing. Transplanting trees is best done in the Spring or Fall depending on the species, but we're up to most challenges!

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Lawn and Garden Solutions


Looking for help getting your garden ready for the growing season? We offer a variety of services including irrigation, tilling/amending, custom raised beds, and more. Contact us to discuss details of your projects - estimates are always free!  

Irrigation – When it comes to irrigation, hand watering can be time consuming and inefficient, but there's so many options and fittings, its often difficult to choose what's best for your project. By irrigating my own garden beds, containers, and thousands of trees by trial and error, I've already learned the hard way for you. Let my experience save you the trouble. No matter if you're looking to install a frost-proof water hydrant, irrigate you're lawn, flower beds, garden plots, container gardens, or raised beds, I'd be glad to help.  

Raised beds – Salivating over images of beautiful raised garden beds on Pinterest? I don't blame you! Whether you want humble water trough-based raised beds, custom wood/stone raised beds, or need more reliable solutions for keeping the weeds out of you're beds and walkways, I can help. Give me a call to discuss your vision and let's make it a reality!

Tilling and Garden Plots There's a reason they call this a CLAY county. If you're like me and have tried to get tomatoes to grow in hard clay, you know the struggle! While it normally takes years to develop a rich top soil from clay, this process can be sped up dramatically with the right combination of amendments, tilling, and cover. 

Need something else? Don't hesitate to Contact us! We're glad to help if we can, or  provide a recommendation for someone better suited to help.

Season Extension

Inside Greenhouse

Looking for ways to start your vegetables early or extend their growing season later into the fall? With Missouri's unpredictable weather, who can blame you? Whether you're looking for upgrades or new construction of greenhouses, cold frames, or simple row-cover, Contact us!

Residential Greenhouses – Whether you're purchasing a kit and want help assembling, want a barebones hoop-house or caterpillar tunnel, or you want an elegant, custom greenhouse designed and built from the ground up, we can help! Let us know what you're looking for and lets discuss options!

Cold-frames – Looking for more cost-effective season extension, particularly for leafy greens? Consider a cold-frame. if you're not familiar, these are essentially raised (or at ground level) garden beds that have a window/plastic cover that protects them from frost. While not as reliable as greenhouses, these can easily extend you're growing season by a month.


Row Cover - the simplest, most cost effective solution involves building a mini greenhouse tunnel over existing gardens rows or raised beds. 

Automation, Maintenance, and Repair – Do you already have a greenhouse but it needs a little TLC? Whether its as simple as new plastic/coverings or shade cloth, a total remodel/update/expansion, reliable ways to monitor or control temperatures, or or more cost-effective heating/solutions, I'd be glad to help. 

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Bonsai Services

Shohin Bonsai.png

Do you already have a Bonsai tree but need a little help/advice? Contact us and bring your bonsai by, we're happy to help. 

Bonsai Boarding – For $2 per week, we'll take care of your bonsai during the winter months, making sure it gets whatever it needs and remains free of pests and diseases. 

Bonsai Maintenance – Has you're bonsai outgrown its pot, or are you afraid to prune it but know it needs it? No problem, we can help advise you on what to do, or do the work for you for a small fee. 

Restoration – Is your bonsai tree struggling? Are you concerned its dead? While we can't resurrect a dead tree, we're happy to do our best to restore your tree back to good health and give it another shot at life. 

Bonsai Displays - Do you have a local business and would love to have a bonsai to display in your storefront and bring people in the door? Let us know! We can arrange a win-win for everyone!


Other bonsai inquiries? Contact us and we'll see if we can help!

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