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What we Offer

Trees and Shrubs

  • Large selection of shade and ornamental including many native species, Checkout our Order page for up-to date inventory and pricing.

  • Contact us if you're looking for something specific or need help deciding what to plant and where. 



  • Variety of indoor and outdoor pre-bonsai and bonsai, while some can be found on our Order page, we recommend visiting the nursery to hand-select bonsai. 

  • We also offer beginner bonsai courses for individuals and groups. You can book these on our Bookings page. 

Succulents and Cacti

  • We grow a variety of succulents as individual plants and as arrangements. Let us know if you'd like something custom!

  • If you have a wedding/event and need higher quantities of succulents, let us know how we can help.​​

Tree/Shrub Delivery and Planting

  • If you'd like your plants delivered and planted, no problem! You can book a plant delivery along with your order through our Bookings page.

  • We can also plant your