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Shipping Info and Policies

General Shipping

While we do our best to minimize and estimate shipping costs at checkout, our shipping estimates are not always accurate. If there are discrepancies between our automated shipping estimates and the actual shipping cost, we will contact with an updated shipping cost prior to shipping. Note, shipping of larger bonsai and pre-bonsai can be expensive, and in some cases, we may prune back long straight branches on pre-bonsai and bonsai prior to shipping. 

Product Photos

For most products, the images are representative of the product you will receive, but not necessarily the exact item or its exact state, as our bonsai, pre-bonsai, and nursery stock are pruned throughout the year. Bonsai and pre-bonsai that are labeled "One of a Kind" ARE photos of the actual tree you will receive. 

Shipping Restrictions

  • We can only ship 6 inch or smaller plants to Arizona due to USDA regulations. 

  • We CANNOT ship juniper species to CA due to USDA regulations.

  • We currently only ship within the contiguous United states due to the cost of phytosanitary requirements.

  • Our shipping calculator sometimes over-estimates shipping costs, particularly with large trees. We'll refund the difference, but feel free to contact us if you'd like us to verify shipping costs prior to placing an order.

Winter Shipping

  • Shipping of cold-tender/tropical species during winter months is at the buyers risk! We can add one or more heat pack for a small fee, however we are not responsible for damage due to temperatures during shipping.

  • For cold hardy species, we can ship year round. At the customers request, cold-hardy trees can be held until a desired delivery date February through April. Note that cold-hardy species are shipped dormant from ~October through ~April. For many evergreen species, purple/brown leaves/needles are normal during winter dormancy. For deciduous species, trees will not have leaves during winter dormancy.

Semi-Bare-root Shipping

From October through March/April, we can ship most ​nursery stock bare-root or semi bare-root upon request. Trees will be removed from the pot, their root ball will be loosened leaving sufficient soil to retain moisture during shipping, reducing shipping costs. If you'd like to save on shipping via semi-bare-root shipping, contact us prior to placing an order for a shipping estimate.

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