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Japanese Greybark Elm or Zelkova (Zelkova serrata), native to Japan, Korea, Taiwan and Manchuria, is one of the most popular elm species in traditional bonsai. Its grey bark, and lovely yellow fall colors make this an outstanding choice for bonsai. While its leaves are larger than the Cedar Elm and Chinese Lacebark Elm, they are manageable for medium to large bonsai. Hardy in the ground in zones 5-8. An excelent choice for bonsai enthusiasts looking for traditional bonsai species. 


These pre-bonsai are 3-5 years old, grown in the 3 gallon nursery pot, and pruned throughout the year to promote lower, more interesting branching structure. These large pre-bonsai are ideal for those wanting a head start at creating their bonsai masterpiece.

Zelkova Pre-Bonsai - #3

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